Four words are better than one.

Have You Picked Your Focus Word for 2020?

Four words are better than one. A new twist for a new year.

Bex Hall
4 min readDec 31, 2019


Let’s face it, resolutions at the new year usually don’t work. They inevitably die by the first of February. This truth lead me in 2012 to adopt a single word on January 1st to be a guide for the following twelve months. The word was to be my theme for the year, chosen based on something I desired in my life. Something I wanted to be more of or better at or achieve.

But similar to a resolution, a single word and all its intentions faded before the calendar ended. I believe in the value of choosing a focus word. There were benefits the first few months that came about in unexpected ways. But I lost momentum.

Our lives are fluid, always changing. We get off balance. We lose heart and get off-course. Choosing just the one word to sustain the entire year was unrealistic for me. So in 2019, I did it a little different.

I chose four words throughout the year instead. I had no inkling it would impact and enhance my life in such positive ways. This is the story of how that happened.

In January 2019 I didn’t agonize over one word for the entire year. Instead I focused on just one word for a few months until I felt I had reached its goal.

During that time, I had devoted entirely too much attention on political matters. I was divided and angry, heavy and burdened. My heart and soul was torn in two. So when I saw the word “Unity” on a community advertisement, I knew I had found my word. What would serve me well to strive toward.

I clipped out the word and glued it to a rock as a solid (as a rock) reminder of my chosen focus.

I carried the rock in my purse and sometimes in the cup holder of my car. I sat it on my desk, in the windowsill, and in my rock garden. I took a photo so I’d see it on my camera roll.

After a few months of reminders and reflection, I found my attention drawn from divisiveness and vitriol toward acceptance and tolerance. Patience and kindness. I found my unity.

With unity, I rediscovered writing. It was spring and as the flowers blossomed, so did my desire…



Bex Hall

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